Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are heading into the home stretch of what has turned out to be a hard fought campaign. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts to stick to the high road, this campaign has turned negative. There is a flyer circulating about that is filled with lies and half truths, attempting to besmirch my character. One of my opponents has even stooped so low as to pass these flyers out at my young daughters’ school. You know me and my family and you know our character. We refuse to let them win by dragging us down to their level. We continue to bring in the endorsements of every organization like the Alliance for Good Government and every elected official that has endorsed. Most recently I was endorsed by the Times Picayune. I think the best way to answer these malicious attacks is with your help. Answer these attacks with your vote Saturday and please get your family and neighbors to vote as well. The way to defeat politics as usual is by rejecting it at the polls. I can’t do it without you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.